48-478 Digital Tooling I Fall 2013 I Professor Zach Ali

These series of models exemplify my explorations and growing interest in computational design and using digital fabrication as a tool for architectural design.

Project I (3d print) - I was given the challenge to design and 3d print a porous entity. I was first interested in modeling intricate interlocking geometry that can serve as an art piece. Thus, my shape consists of embedded circles that subdivide and connect together with each of those subdivisions. I modeled my shape using grasshopper, paneling tools, weaverbird, and proceeded to 3d print it.

Project II - This project consists of 4 tiles that measure 10.5″ x 10.5″ x 1.5″ each and were milled to explore the different tool path potentials of RhinoCAM and the CNC Router. The toolpaths included a horizontal roughing of all pieces and different finishings such as radial machining, spiral machining, between two curves, and parallel finishing at a 45 degree angle. Patterns in nature often inspire textures and patterns. Thus, undulations and vibrations of water inspired my form finding for these four tiles. For my fourth tile, I laminated plywood and milled each side to explore the texture and material qualities of plywood.