These series of models exemplify my explorations and strong interest in computational design and digital fabrication.


Project I (3d print) - The challenge was to design and 3D print a porous entity. Using Grasshopper and Rhino, I created an interlocking  geometry using the points of two circles embedded within each other. 


Project II (CNC Router) - The challenge was to design 4 tiles measuring 10.5″ x 10.5″ x 1.5″ each. Inspired by intricate patterns formed in nature, my designs mimic undulations and vibrations observed in water. Using the CNC Router and RhinoCam, I milled different tool paths including horizontal roughing, radial machining, spiral machining, and parallel finishing at a 45 degree angle. For my fourth tile, I laminated plywood and milled each side to explore the texture and material qualities of plywood.


#3dprinting, #cncrouting, #rhinocam, #vacuumforming, #woodshop, #rhino, #grasshopper, #fabrication