48-500 City in a City I Fall 2015 I Prof. Rami El-Samahy 

To address the issue of access, this proposal begins by reducing the ring road from four lanes to three lanes, with the innermost lane serving as a bike path. New pedestrian and bike paths begin at each of the five major intersections with the ring road. The Allegheny Mall is divided with these public paths that allow for access from outside, to, within, and beyond the mall. New spaces and structures such as retail, dining, and performance space begin to adhere to and infiltrate existing buildings by manipulating the built surfaces. These new structures carry a uniform language, beacons within the site, that indicate that the project is here & here. To replace the apartment floors that have been removed to make room for the retail, additional apartments are placed on top of the buildings, creating more density within this reinvigorated site.

In collaboration with Anum Shah, and Nina Schatz