[Memory Space]

[Memory Space] is a VR world that allows you to upload past memories as a way to re-experience and reflect upon certain moments in your life.

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How does it work? 

[Memory Space] is a WebVR application. In this browser-enabled VR world, users can upload 360 images, videos, or audio recordings of certain experiences in order to be immersed and revisited at a later date. 

To experience a [Memory Space], users simply use their phone and insert it in a Google cardboard VR headset.  Inside, they find themselves in a glass box with floating blue spheres, each containing a different memory. By looking around, they are able to explore and choose which sphere to experience. Clicking on a sphere, the user immerses themselves in its audiovisual story. To exit, users simply click again and return to the [Memory Space].

A [Memory Space] can also be shared online.


Growing up in two different cultures my entire life, I have always searched for a way to fully communicate my experiences living between two countries. Hence, I wanted to create a tool that could digitally save certain meaningful moments and act as a visual diary for personal use or for sharing with others. Through this digital memory book, an empathy and understanding for my past “memories” would be generated.

As my platform, I explored virtual reality for the user to be fully immersed in my diary. I was interested in this technology’s potential as a personal and intimate tool rather than its traditional uses for gaming. 

Using three.js and WebVR, I created my world and uploaded my own personal memories. Since virtual reality has always been an expensive tool to use, I chose WebVR and Google cardboard in order to make my “world” easy to use and accessible online.


Javascript, Node.js, Three.js, WebVR, Google Cardboard,360 images, 360 videos