Introduction to Computational Media I Fall 2016 I Professor Mimi Yin

Multiverse is a short trailer into an alternate universe, a parallel world where reality and fiction are blurred. This piece takes you on a crafted psychedelic journey through outer space, questioning the vastness and unknown nature of the cosmos. Each step of the voyage is crafted to a song called “About You” by XXYYXX. I aim to let my user question what they take for granted everyday, to question the existence of everyday objects, and to rethink the meaning of time in a larger sense. I de-familiarize this environment with juxtaposing objects in order to create this sort of feel. The final point of my journey takes you to an earth revolving in a glass box to symbolize the confines of our mind. Project was exhibited in ITP Winter Show. 

This piece was written using WebGL and three.js.