48-601 Architecture Design Studio: Timber I Spring 2016 I Professor Joshua Bard

Contemporary architectural practice is a constant state of techno-flux. The means and methods of contemporary architectural production face mounting ecological imperatives. In this studio, we explored the resourcefulness of wood construction through robotically assisted fabrication. In particular, we investigated robotic steam bending, where a robot’s ability to shape custom framing members and assemble unique parts, is leveraged to construct complex material arrays. 

These photos exhibit our exploration of creating a module that could be arrayed in multiple ways in order to create a structural system.

Our group focused on keeping our basic unit as a piece with a slit in that stretches 2/3 of the way across the wood. We focused a lot on a 'weaving' aspect that helped to join our pieces together in a more structural way.

We went through a long process of models, finding different ways for wood to steam, weave, and join together. Our final module ended up being a 3 unit system.

In collaboration with Aileena Gray, and Kayla Quinn