Robotic Painting

In manufacturing environments, robots often replace the less precise movements of a human laborer with highly accurate and controlled motions of a machine. Driven by my interests in exploring what these machines mean artistically, I wanted to create a painting using the ABB industrial robotic arms. I attached a light at the end of my robot's arm, live coded fluid motions for it to take, and captured the results with long exposure shots. My aim was to merge the three-dimensional flexibility of a free moving light with the precision of computer controlled robotic movements. I discovered that this method allowed for the creation of highly accurate, in both terms of structure and color, light paintings in full three-dimensional space. As an amateur painter, this method also gave me visual feedback by allowing me to create a painting virtually within a software used to instruct the robot as well as the light attached to it.

Designed @ DFAB Carnegie Mellon University


#abbindustrialrobots, #rapid, #painting, #livecoding