Robotic Manipulation

48-400 ASOS I Fall 2014 I Professor Jeremy Ficca

In this studio, we were challenged to design a hostel for the many cyclists that pass by Ohiopyle, PA every day. Perched on the northern face of a wooded hill, the shape of this design is formed through circulation and the idea of controlling people’s path through a space. The most important spaces in the hostel are the library and the dining room. Taking inspiration from Richard Serra’s steel sculptures, the walls bend and undulate to create an axis of movement towards them. The aim is to glorify and put emphasis on these spaces in order to provide the cyclists staying in the hostel the opportunity to interact with one another and their surrounding environment. Thus, all the rooms are formed from the circulation trajectory, the square footage we were given, and the frequency of occupancy in these spaces.

The facade of this hostel is a double skin facade that is composed of metal fins, responding directly to the site’s ecological flows. The density of these fins correspond to the locations of windows in the main gathering spaces in order to create views, to let in a natural flow of light, and to control high humidity levels existent in that environment.