Creative Coding 

A collection of my ideas and ventures into the creative coding world! 

Project I - Influx

Influx reveals the omnipresence of media in our society by bombarding the user with a flood of images, gathered from Twitter's streaming API. In order to reduce the influx, it asks the user to click their mouse as a sarcastic way to represent shutting away everything we see on a daily basis on the internet.  

In this example, I use "#Trump" as my query. Hence, the images are pulled from live tweets, containing that hashtag, and update every minute. 

#p5, #nodejs,# javascript, #html, #css, #api

Project II -  Untitled

Using Kinect, Rhino, and Grasshopper, I wanted to explore tying 3D geometry to joints in the human body.  Hence, I created a structure in which became attracted to a specific joint whether it was my elbow or my foot. Below is a video of me demonstrating this "attraction". The structure clings to my feet wherever I go. 

#rhino, #grasshopper, #kinectron


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